Understanding Copyrights and Photography

A photographic work is invested with copyright from the moment of its creation, but to fully protect a photographer’s work, a notice of copyright is required. This page will serve to provide this notice to all purchasers of photographic images produced by Tami Johnson.

Copyright 2020 Tami Johnson with rights released to [your name here] for advertising and personal use only. This image may not be used for resale or merchandising.

What does the above phrase mean and where is it printed? This phrase is embedded in your digital photo when you purchase a high resolution image from me. It means you may make prints for yourself, use it on your website, your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts, and in your own advertising.

You may not use this image to create prints or other merchandise for resale and profit.

If you purchase a print from me, the same properties hold true.

If you purchase an “Instant Download” for social media for $15, this image can only be used on your own website or on social media. It may not be reproduced in print or in any other way.